23 May 2023 -

#GenerationPrimever: I’m driving for transport!

Since 2018, the PRIMEVER Group has been proud to have launched, in partnership with ISTELI, a BAC+3 sandwich course in Transport Logistics Production Manager.
A real success that has enabled:

✔️L the integration of nearly 20 students into our workforce on permanent contracts
✔️La more than 10 students continuing their studies towards a Master’s degree

A real tool for promoting our professions. 100% of students are integrated into one of our 52 sites in France. During their work-study year, they compare theoretical and practical views alongside our teams, who take the transmission of knowledge to heart. A fresh look at our organisations is also an opportunity to help them evolve. It’s a win-win situation

☛ Periods of tuition at ISTELI in Bordeaux, for which the costs (travel and accommodation) are covered
☛ Work placements at one of the Group’s 52 sites
☛ Permanent employment with the Group on completion of the course

Expertise: a BAC+3 qualification with a transport/commissioning certificate, attesting to the skills and mastery of the field obtained within a recognised Group.

In-depth knowledge: the best practices and latest trends in the sector through a mix of theory and professional training.

Career opportunities: A wide range of career opportunities throughout France and soon in Europe!

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