The Primever Network offers a range of fully international solutions

PRIM’HERPORT : the international Fruit & Vegetable specialist

Prim’herport is an international logistics specialist, providing solutions for our importing and exporting clients and handling flow management between the various fruit and vegetable-producing continents.

Prim’herport can provide a full door-to-door service :

  • FCL containers under controlled temperatures
  • Maritime and air transport
  • Transit operations: assistance and consulting, regulations and formalities (customs, phyto-sanitary), insurance
  • Logistics transport and services across France

These solutions allow our clients to stock out-of-season products from around the world, or export their products across the globe.

PRIM’HERPORT at every major transit hub

Our structure allows us to operate at all of the major ports in and around the country : 

  • Fos sur Mer
  • Port Vendres
  • Bordeaux
  • Montoir de Bretagne
  • Rouen (Radicatel)
  • Le Havre
  • Dunkirk
  • And that’s not all: Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Rotterdam…


RESEAU PRIMEVER : harnessing a close-knit network to manage your flows

Thanks to our close-knit Fruit & Vegetable network in France, we can ship goods to your distribution clients across the entire country, using the best transport and logistics resources for the job : 

  • 9 grouping regions
  • 38 sites
  • 200,000m² of refrigerated warehouse storage
  • 950 vehicles
  • 1,700 shipments per day
  • 60 collection Departments

Your contact at Prim’herport

Virginie BENDJEMA 

at +33 4 84 35 03 31 or +33 6 31 19 65 94