Clients & Partners

« The best way to connect our industry »

Side by side with our clients

Building strong, long-lasting relationships

Every day, we put our human, material and technical resources to work for our primary and industrial clients, helping them optimise their transport and logistics chain: producers, fruit cooperatives, industrial groups, wholesale markets and wholesalers, mass distribution, retailers, cash & carry, restaurants and caterers.

Working together with our partners

Multiplying our skills to meet our clients’ needs

  • In France: we provide optimised solutions with carefully selected partners.
  • Internationally: thanks to the specialist overseas Primever International structure, we can offer maritime and air transport solutions


  • « The Primever network provides sector-specific technological innovations: IDE, scanning, tracking, on-board computing »
    Sales director, Western France producer cooperative
  • « Thanks to the progress contracts signed with the Primever network, we are constantly creating new services for our clients »
    Distribution platform director
  • « The Primever network is a strong partner, bringing global solutions to all of our production areas »
    South-west fruit station director