About us

A national Transport & Logistics operator.
A specialist for the Fruit and Vegetables sector


Spearheaded by the SATAR France Group, the Primever Network brings together expertise from the teams at Satar, Tanscosatal and Primever. Guidez Transport, based in Arras in the Nord Department, have long been key partners at the heart of the network. In 2017, the network welcomed Blancher (Gard) and Marcot (Lot-et-Garonne) as subsidiaries. In the west of France, the Network’s regional coverage was bolstered by partnerships with the Mesguen (Finistère) and Estivin Els (Indre-et-Loire) transport companies.

What do we do best? We organise Transport & Logistics for fruit and vegetables under controlled temperatures, and for general mass-market goods at ambient temperatures. Deeply rooted in each region, our transport network is a trusted partner who can handle the entire logistics chain.


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Why choose us? Full national coverage

  • Turnover: 430 million €
  • 2,600 employees
  • 1000 wholly-owned tractor-trailers
  • 52 sites (offices, agencies, warehouses, logistics platforms)
  • 200,000m² of warehouse space
  • 12 million pallets transported per year
  • 1,700 daily shipments

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Since May 2015, the Satar Group (the majority shareholder) has been working to consolidate the Primever Network, the specialist in fruit & vegetable logistics, by promoting its post-production industrial development alongside their partner Stef.

Operational steering for the Primever Network is handled by the management team at the Satar Group, comprising the Garnier and Malaure families.