16 February 2023 -

PRIMEVER Group: a link between production and consumption

“Our mission is to market the products for our customers on a daily basis and in a qualitative way. To do this, we want to develop our business by seeking out complementary production basins in France and abroad and expand our range of services to our customers.

With these words, Julien Garnier, President of the PRIMEVER Group, recently confirmed the company’s strategic direction for the fruit and vegetable industry to Eléonore Boccara on the BFM Business “Focus Entreprise” show.

A complete range of services in France, Europe and internationally

Organic and external growth in recent years has enabled the company to consolidate its core business by offering a unique network for the transport and logistics of fruit and vegetables in France. The company also operates in three other areas: international, with air and sea transit operations and related customs activities, logistics, and transport and distribution by full truckload and the organisation of groupage.

Customers, people and innovation, the pillars of the organisation

With more than 2,600 employees, the majority of whom are drivers and road hauliers, dock agents or operators, the group is strengthening its teams and banking on the human factor, which it considers to be its main asset. Close relations with customers remain an integral part of the group’s DNA in order to ensure the evolution of professions undergoing profound change.

With a new brand signature, “On the roads of tomorrow’s transport“, the Primever Group is positioning itself as a player committed to the challenges of digitalisation and CSR, which are rethinking the models of the transport and logistics professions.

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