To meet the needs of its customers, the PRIMEVER Group is developing its transport and logistics activities in Europe.


The Primever Group develops transport lines for fruit and vegetables from all production basins to consumption basins in Europe.

Thanks to its experience, it is today a transport operator capable of offering groupage and consolidation solutions on full lorries or batches to Benelux, Germany, Italy, but also to Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Your contact person:

Franck Groleau – Mob. +33 (0)6 20 06 74 97 –

PRIMEVER & PRIMAFRIO NETWORK: the strength of a network to manage flows

In order to meet the needs of their French and Spanish customers, the 2 transport operators have decided to synergise their resources on the France/Spain/Portugal network to optimise Upstream groupage flows. The Primever and Primafrio network have joined forces to develop their activities dedicated to fruit and vegetable groupage from all the Spanish basins: Huelva, Murcia, Almeria, Valencia, Alicante and Lleida.

This operational collaboration now makes available to French supermarkets, wholesalers and Spanish producers and cooperatives, a very large fleet of vehicles for collection in the Spanish basins and 23 platforms for distribution in France.

PRIMAVER ANDALUSIA – Philippe TABAREAU: Phone +34 951 39 32 12 – Mob +34 (0) 6 74 34 55 13 –  – Calle Don Manuel Duran Lopez, 7, 29740 Torre del Mar MALAGA – SPAIN

PRIMAVER PERPIGNAN – François CAMACHO: Tel +33 (0)4 68 85 70 61 – Mob +33 (0)7 50 14 26 79 –  – 14, rue de Madrid – BP 89951 – 66962 PERPIGNAN CEDEX 2 – FRANCE